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About Borup - english version


Borup Kemi was founded in 1908. And up to the 1950’s the activities of the company were purchase and sale of empty
glass bottles, which were cleansed and sold back to the manufacturers In the 1960’s the Company began “filling” something
in the empty bottles, and thereby the company became a company that sold fluid products to the Danish households.

And more up-to-date…

During the last 20 years Borup Kemi has received access to a great many products, both as regards to products for the households, but also to products for the DIY people. Apart from this the company is now also a considerable distributor
of both Danish and foreign products to the DIY market.



Today Borup Kemi is the largest manufacturer / bottlery in Denmark , of products for the Danish households, and the special trade. And Borup Kemi is one of the big suppliers for the DIY market, both with own Borup products, but also with other Danish and foreign brands.

Our production in Borup consists of both fluid and powder products, and also several cleaning and caring products. All in all our assortment have more than 3,000 various products, and on average there are always 3 Borup products in a Danish household….

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